Why Amazing Norwex Microfiber Is the Right Answer for These Times

These days, it’s smart to be extra-vigilant about keeping our homes—and frankly ourselves—as safe and clean as possible. So, today I want to talk about why Norwex Microfiber is the right solution for floor-to-ceiling home hygiene and head-to-toe personal care.

Here’s what makes Norwex Microfiber truly revolutionary:

  1. Norwex Microfiber cleaning cloths are proven to remove up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces with only water when following proper care and use instructions. Why use expensive disinfectant wipes or other chemical cleaners? Norwex Microfiber and water alone thoroughly clean every surface in your home—keeping you and your family safer from harmful chemicals.
  2. Norwex Microfiber lifts and collects even the smallest particles of dirt, grease and grime. The secret lies in the super-dense weave and ultra-fine fibers—just 1/200th the thickness of a human hair (that’s tiny)! Check out this video to see how Norwex Microfiber picks up all the residue left behind by a popular disposable wipe. YouTube: Mechanical vs. Chemical Cleaning
  3. Many Norwex cloths also contain BacLock®, our antibacterial agent that allows the cloth to self-purify within 24 hours. When wet, the BacLock (micro silver) embedded in the cloth goes to work to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the cloth.
  4. And Norwex Microfiber is also a great investment. Our microfiber products carry a 2-year warranty, so you know you’re getting quality products made to last. Think about the cleaning chemicals and disposables like paper towels, floor cleaning sheets and wipes you won’t need to purchase (or send to landfills)—the savings can really add up !

Our Customers routinely tell us that once they tried Norwex, “nothing else would do.” People love how they can clean more quickly, without harmful chemicals, using Norwex and water alone.

Home Hygiene Favorites—All Made from Our Revolutionary Microfiber

EnviroCloth®—It’s easy to see why HGTV loves this cloth! One of the things I like is that you can fold this cloth in half, and then fold it again to create eight clean sides to work with. Each side picks up a LOT of dirt and grime so you can keep going and going, unfolding to a clean side as needed—all with water alone!

Superior Mop Starter System—With its Telescopic Mop Handle that adjusts to your height and our Wet and Dry Mop Pads to pick up everything you and yours can lay down, this is your go-to system to quickly get floors, walls and windows clean with water only. You’ll never need that heavy, messy mop bucket—or harmful cleaning chemicals—again!

Kitchen Cloth—Same great Norwex Microfiber with BacLock, same ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria with water only*, but this cloth also features a unique channel weave that’s great for picking up crumbs and grease and other kitchen messes. Best of all, the Kitchen Cloth and its partner, the Kitchen Towel, come in a rainbow of beautiful colors.

*When following proper care and use instructions.

Counter Cloths—I really love how these fun little cloths with their popcorn weave effectively replace wasteful paper towels. And, because they’re made from 50% recycled materials, you literally help clean up the world every time you quickly wipe up a spill!

Dusting Mitt—Who needs furniture spray? This Norwex Microfiber mitt harnesses the power of static electricity to attract dust like a magnet. Just slip it on and quickly clean blinds, screens, window sills, furniture, lamps and more!

Personal Care Favorites

Body Pack—This trio of extra-soft Body Cloths gets you clean all over, from head to toe. Many like to use them with water alone for removing excess oils and daily grime. Wring them out just a bit to gently exfoliate.

Bath and Hand Towels—Super-soft, lightweight and incredibly absorbent, these beautiful towels in a variety of colors and stripes will quickly become your family’s new favorites. They feel amazing and they dry fast so they’re ready to use again when you are.

I wish I had room to tell you about all the wonderful microfiber products and collections designed to save you both money and time (not to mention counter space when you no longer need all those bottles of harmful chemicals.) But you can check out the complete assortment of Norwex Microfiber here!

Have you tried Norwex Microfiber yet? If you love it as much as I do, feel free to share this blog with others you know who may be searching for effective, chemical-free cleaning alternatives.

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