How to Tackle the Toughest Cleaning Jobs

If you’re like me, you care a lot about keeping your home a Safe Haven. You probably realize that cleaning with harmful chemicals can increase Body Burden and that it isn’t good for your family, the planet or your pocketbook. So you’ve discovered (hopefully) a better way of cleaning. You’re cleaning mechanically instead of chemically now, using only water and Norwex Microfiber to get your home thoroughly clean with no need for expensive, chemical-laden cleaners. As you’re spending more time at home (as so many of us are), you’ve mastered your everyday cleaning routine. But you may notice a few projects on your to-do list that require a slightly deeper-down cleaning approach. So today, I’m sharing a few ideas for tackling bigger cleaning projects quickly and, of course, without harmful chemicals.


With more of us stuck indoors, it’s likely our bathrooms are seeing even more use than normal. So keeping them clean is probably just as challenging for you as it has been for me. Here’s what I do when the bathroom’s in need of attention. First I use the Spray Bottle to spritz down the shower, tub and toilet with my Bathroom Cleaner dilution. I let it sit for a few minutes while I pick up anything on the floors and tidy up the counters. Next, I use my dual-sided microfiber Bathroom Scrub Mitt to quickly wipe down the shower and tub, and the Ergonomic Toilet Brush to get the commode clean. I then turn my attention to the counters, using my beloved EnviroCloth and water alone to get them spotless, plus the Window Cloth for the mirrors. Voila! Lovely loo!


Next time you change the sheets, why not give your mattresses a deep down clean too? Body oils, saliva, dander and dust mite feces can all do a number on mattresses, but it’s easy to restore them to fresh and fabulous with our Mattress Cleaner. Just a few spritzes of this enzyme-based formula, and your mattresses can be free from organic contaminants like these. And it’s not just for mattresses—Mattress Cleaner also works to deep-clean cloth upholstery, pillows, comforters, blankets, cushions, car seats and more.


This is one of the most over-looked areas but one of the most important for keeping clean. In a recent Norwex Movement blog, I covered six tips for giving your refrigerator a chemical-free clean, with reminders to clean your water dispenser and ice dispenser too—as well as those all-important coils.

Computer Screens

It seems like we’re all staring at screens, especially these days. Take just a few minutes to go from room to room, wiping down your digital devices, TVs as well as your remotes. Our Tech Cleaning Cloth is great for bigger screens, and you can’t beat the Optic Scarf for smaller items. Both are constructed of tighly woven Norwex Microfiber to quickly clean screens, glasses, jewelry and more, all without scratching.

Blinds and Window Screens

As the weather warms up, you’ve probably opened a few windows and may have noticed your blinds and screens need attention. For blinds, my go-to is the EnviroWand®. The thick chenille microfiber picks up dust and and won’t let go, so I can quickly clean all the blinds in my house at once. And it’s bendable, making it perfect for ceiling fan blades, too. Window screens can be cleaned in place or removed and spread on the lawn. Use a garden hose to give them a good rinse and then use your Dusting Mitt or Car Wash Mitt—or even your Norwex Mop—to gently remove stuck-on dirt and debris. If you’ve taken them down, as they’re drying you can clean your outer windows using your Hand-Held Cleaning System!

Outdoor Grill

While you’re outside, check to see if your grill is in good shape for your family’s spring celebrations. Our enzyme-based Oven and Grill Cleaner quickly removes built up grunge and grime. And because it’s biodegradable and contains no caustic chemicals or fumes, there’s no worry about it affecting either your airways, the environment or your world-famous BBQ! (P.S. It’s great for your indoor oven too.)   While I haven’t necessarily relished being indoors so much recently, it is a good opportunity to stay on top of things and even reach that “next-level” of clean—to make my haven that much safer. Happy cleaning, everybody!